Private non-commercial commissions info!
please email:
$35 USD
+ $10 USD for a second character
+ $5 USD for 3rd and every subsequent character
paypal, upfront, right now USD preferred but if that's a problem euro is also good!
(some of the examples below feature more than one characters [small pokemon, baby chick, a generic horse] but i've included those out of my own accord. you obviously only pay for the characters you requested 🐢 also you can ask me to include some small simple creature yourself free of charge)
please do scroll down for more details / guidelines
please use the email listed above instead of messaging me on social media, thank you!
keep your inquiries roughly "PG13". i mean this is just a silly way to say i won't do sexual themes but fantasy violence and cartoon gore is okay
provide a visual reference. if you ask for a popculture character i will most likely google them anyway but if you send your own picture this will give me a better idea of what exactly you're after
simple / minimal background included in the price
the default image dimensions will be square but if you want it not square just let me know!
similarly, if you have any other wishes regarding the picture, also let me know. examples: transparent background, or to make sure that part of the character isn't cropped out in the composition, or maybe a specific color scheme
at this point in time i won't work on commissions optimized for four-color printing. only RGB right now
also, at this point in time i would rather not take commissions that require me to incorporate likenesses of real life human individuals
PS. i also offer doodle commissions via ko-fi. if you're interested in getting me to just doodle your character on a transparent background these are $6 USD and there's more info over here