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Ala Flora / 2020 / wolf gouache illustration


Ala Flora / 2021 / 21 Now

Album art for "21 Now" by I Love It Here
Based on the musician's detailed description

Ala Flora / 2020 / Zawiesina / graduation project / gouache book illustration / depressed wolf

A selection of illustrations for my graduation picture book, in Polish titled "Zawiesina", defended in the fall of 2020 at Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. The entire thing is nearly 80 pages and was the biggest project I completed up until that point

The script is simple and I am not a writer but I did what I could to cobble something together for myself to illustrate. Nevertheless I am of the belief that the illustrations present my skill and I hope to be able to work on stories with actual authors in the future

Ala Flora / 2020 / Zawiesina / graduation project / gouache book illustration / rocket start

My name is Ala Flora and I am an illustrator and a painter from Poland, a recent graduate who would love to work in children's publishing. Upmost eager to paint many many animals. Extremely ready to depict animals that don't devour each other for all your kidlit needs!

Also interested in any area of illustration that I can paint for joyfully! Please reach out if you think I would be a good fit for your project

Ala Flora

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